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U&I Interiors has been creating and executing customized, high-end residential and commercial designs for over 15 years. The company uses a combination of influences and cultures to create timeless pieces that reflect the luxuriousness of both artistry & craftsmanship. U&I's portfolio features modern, elegant, cutting-edge interior design incorporating innovative colour schemes, textures & finishes.


Our Founder, Uttamaditya

The designer Uttamaditya, who has been crafting luxury spaces since 2006, is regarded as a prolific and influential name in the field. Using his interior design expertise, valuable insight and perspective on the way people live today, and a thorough understanding of your unique needs, he creates custom design solutions for each client. There’s only one way to describe it: it will make your heart skip a beat, get you excited in the morning, and bring you home after a long day. In the world of interior design space, he is regarded as a masterful blend of luxury, life, and wellness that fine-tunes and elevates every family member. The design philosophy that drives him is to create comfortable, livable homes that also reflect the personalities and lifestyles of his clients. As a luxury realist, he creates timeless and elegant interiors by drawing from his client's collections.
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We love to design handcrafted interiors and think outside of the box on each of our project.


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