Creative Wall Decor Ideas To Liven Up Your Space


Read on for some creative ideas

If you are looking to add an element of interest to a boring wall, read on for some creative ideas

If you want your house to exude a stylish and pleasant vibe, then put your walls to good use. A blank wall can often make the space feel neglected and boring, while a well-thought-out wall art will not only give your house a personal touch, but will also elevate the style quotient of the house. Uttamaditya, CEO and founder, U & I Interiors mentions, “One mustn’t just buy a random piece of art. Put in some thought and see if it matches the room’s decor and also is in sync with the overall look of the home.”

Mitali Mody, founder and chief designer, MODO Designs shares, “Walls are your home’s canvas, and beautiful wall decor can transform any room. Hence, choose what best reflects you and your home.” So, whether you’re working on a tight budget, or looking for some larger-than-life inspiration, the below-mentioned wall decor ideas will help you liven up your space.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Well-placed mirrors work like a charm in making small spaces appear bigger. Talking about the same, Krsnaa Mehta, executive director, India Circus shares, “Mirrors are the cheapest way to brighten up a dark room or give a sense of more square footage, A wall mirror will not only allow you to bring interest to an empty wall, but will also tie your space together.”

Plate it up
Wall plates (a trend slowly gaining popularity) can be an elegant and unique addition to your home. These are simple plates with skillful artwork on them. “Wall plate decor is a trendy way to add a splash of colour or pattern to your home. Wall plate comes in a wide variety of designs, which go well with any kind of home decor—traditional as well as modern,” adds Uttamaditya. You can buy an entire arrangement at one-go, or mix and match over time and create your special arrangement. If you want to showcase your artwork, you can try painting these wall plates yourself.

Using pictures as wall hangings
One of the best, and classic ways of adorning your wall is by turning it into a picture gallery. Collect pictures of your family and friends (from your childhood and of special moments), and frame them. You can stack these pictures in the same frames to maintain symmetry, or pick frames of varied shapes and sizes to create a dynamic appeal. However, try and maintain a colour theme to make it look cohesive. You can also make it more interesting by adding fairy lights. If you don’t want to display your personal pictures, you can opt for a painting. Mody mentions, “You can select two-three small paintings and place them in a pattern, or opt for a single establishing piece. A large piece of art will attract attention and set a mood. Also, if frames aren’t your style, you can take prints and quickly clip them on old clipboards. Hang those clipboards and make those bare walls speak.”

“Tapestries are an excellent way to bring colour and texture to a room. Tapestries can be bought in a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, and silk. They come in a wide range of styles: traditional, floral, or cutting-edge abstract designs. Tapestries can be hung by themselves or used as a part of a larger wall design,” says Uttamaditya.

Paper trick
Your wall hangings need not be always expensive. You can prepare some DIY wall hangings from colourful paper and decorate your space. Talking about the same, Bhagyashree Gurav, an interior designer from Mumbai shares, “Paper is a highly underrated item when it comes to DIY wall hanging decor ideas. You can make use of it in numerous ways. For example, you can cut colourful and textured paper into phases of the moon and hang them by a thread, even simple words and quotes that you feel are important can be hung on your wall. You can also make origami objects such as a butterfly or something as simple as a paper fan or paper hearts and hang them on your wall to give it a vibrant and colourful appeal. Apart from this, you can consider dream catchers.”

Botanical wall art
If you are an avid nature lover and want to bring the outdoors inside, you can think about botanical wall art. This includes using botanical prints on your wall, or creating a ‘green wall’ by opting for a vertical garden. Uttamaditya adds, “Wall art featuring flowers, plants, and other natural elements is one of the biggest trends in home decor today. While some people choose to display real plants and flowers in their homes, others prefer posters and prints featuring botanical designs. Botanical wall art gives a luxurious look to your home.”

Your quick checklist:
Make your rug the focal point of your room: Imagine framing a rug, particularly a lovely old one. Why not move it to eye level and hang a spotlight above it rather than having it on the floor? This will give an otherwise neutral interior a splash of colour, and pattern. Despite being a modern and stylish attempt, it radiates warmth;
Oversized wall clock: One of the easiest ways to spruce up your wall with a functional element is by adding an oversized wall clock. It creates a stylish statement and is perfect for people looking to add some minimalism to their plain walls; Light up the room with wall lights: An elegant fusion of form and function is a lighting installation that is mounted to a wall. In addition to lighting a space, it offers an unexpected design element that creates an alluring soft-focus effect.
– Mitali Mody, founder and chief designer, MODO Designs

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