Five Modern Luxurious Ways To Uplift Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is one of the most integral parts of a home and life. And thus, when you enter the kitchen, it should instantly uplift your mood and make you want to cook some delicious dishes without making it feel like a chore.

How to uplift your kitchen space? We tell you five ways.

Contrasting colours
“Combining contrasting colours in your kitchen will give it a fresh, luxurious feel. People today are opting for contrasting colours in their kitchens to help break the monotony of one colour,” says Uttamaditya, CEO and founder, of an interior designing firm.

Countertops with veins
In order to add a luxurious feel to your kitchen space, Uttamaditya suggests marble countertops, which as per him, exude luxury. Uttamaditya says, “Marble countertops have been a growing trend. They offer a natural look to any kitchen and makes it more visually appealing. However, marble countertops are highly porous, which makes them difficult to maintain in Indian kitchens. Thus, quartz countertops with veined patterns that mimic the look of marble are advisable for Indian kitchens.”

Angles and soft curves
Combine both, sharp angles and organic curves in your designs. Bold geometric pattern tile backsplash with naturally veined countertops create a sophisticated kitchen design. There are countless combinations that can be made to exhibit this trend in latest kitchen designs.

Open kitchens  
Open kitchens instantly create the illusion of more space, especially in apartments with limited or small space. As we move toward more open layouts for apartments, kitchens will be integrated into the living space to accommodate our lifestyles. One can now entertain the guests in the living room while keeping an eye on the food that is being prepared in the kitchen.

Light Up
Kitchen lights are becoming increasingly popular because of their sleek and modern designs. In fact, mood-changing features from natural to warm are becoming increasingly popular too. “Also, solar chargeable lights seem to be the preferred item over wired lights simply for the sake of sustainability,” says Uttamaditya.

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