Step-By-Step: A Guide On How To Renovate Your Bathroom

For a luxurious bathroom experience, consider the different stages involved in remodeling your bathroom.

Bathrooms are not just a place where you have to go every day, they can also be luxurious spaces — private sanctuaries that rejuvenate your mind and replenish your spirit. For this reason, they demand careful attention to the design and renovation process. Browse the post to know more on how to renovate your bathroom.

If you are looking to turn your bathroom into your favourite room in the house, U and I Interiors can help.

Step 1: Planning the layout of your space

The first step in planning a bathroom is to arrange the fixtures, sanitary ware, and built-in storage. Our expert interior designers at U and I interiors will determine the exact position of the electrical switchboards, exhaust fan, and geyser.

As the concept of the bathroom is finalized, working drawings will be created to determine the exact quantity of tiles required for the complete renovation of the bathroom.

Step 2: Remodeling the old Bathroom

If you want your bathroom to be upgraded, be prepared to experience some dust and dirt. However, if you want to reuse any existing sanitary ware, sanitary fixtures, or accessories, remove them and keep them safely so that they can be re-installed later.

Step 3: Installing Plumbing Lines

Our expert interior designers at U and I Interiors will appoint a plumber to install a wall-mounted commode as per the proposed location of the toilet. If you opt for a wall-mounted commode, additional brickwork will have to be constructed behind it to accommodate the concealed flush.

Step 4: Installing electrical wiring for your home

The electrician will then install the wiring in accordance with the exact positioning of the lighting fixtures and switches on the blueprints.

Step 5: Restoring the countertop

The countertop will be shaped according to the proposed design and fixed on the wall. Countertops are produced using a variety of materials, including granite, marble, engineered quartz and solid surface materials.

Step 6: Tiling the walls and ceiling

The next step in the design process is to install the skirting and wall tiles, following the pattern set forth in the design. The floor tiles will go in next, with a slope recommended for proper drainage.

Step 7: Constructing the bathroom cabinets

The next step in bathroom remodeling is to install cabinetry below the countertop or in any other area of your bathroom.

Step 8: A fresh coat of paint on the walls

Next comes the process of painting the ceiling and walls, especially if your design does not include a floor-to-ceiling tiled surface. Satin-finish or semi-gloss finish paint is usually recommended by the expert interior designers at U and I Interiors because these paints are resistant to moisture.

Step 9: Fitting Electrical Equipment

Once all the above steps are completed the electrician will install all the lights, exhaust fan, switchboards, and geyser for you.

Step 10: Fixing luxury sanitary ware

The bathroom will be completed when the plumber installs the sanitary ware, which includes a sink and toilet. All the luxurious fixtures, such as faucets, hot and cold mixers and showerheads will be installed at this time.

Step 11: Finishing touches

The shower cubicle is a centerpiece of the luxury bathroom. It is where you spend much of your time washing and relaxing, so it should be made with only the finest materials. The glass panels are installed, and the accessories—shelves, soap dispensers, soap trays and toilet paper holders—are in place. The mirror is installed and your bathroom is transformed into a luxurious retreat for you to enjoy.

Bathroom renovations can be tricky, expensive, and time-consuming endeavors. There are many things you have to consider, but when you can tap into the creativity and talent of bespoke interior designing professionals like those at U and I Interiors, they will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the final result is in an impeccable taste that reflects your personal style. 

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