How to pick the right lights for your kitchen to make it look luxurious

Remodeling your kitchen does not necessarily require a complete renovation. Simply changing the lighting in your kitchen can completely transform how it appears and operates. In case you’re not sure how to switch up your lighting, we’ve got some ideas for you, which will make you want to glam up your cooking space!

Why is picking the right lights for your kitchen important?

You can use lights in a variety of ways to create different effects. For example, warm white lights are typically used in kitchens to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Similarly, you can use task lights to illuminate specific areas where you may be performing certain tasks such as chopping vegetables or cooking. Try incorporating different types of lighting for various purposes for an elegant presentation. Try incorporating distinct kinds of lights for diverse functions. Having a choice to control the lights independently allows you to create an atmospheric space in your kitchen, which transitions from cooking to dining and then relaxing.


Use ambient lights, for illuminating the floor and walls of the kitchen. These luxurious lights will make it easier to enter, exit, or move around the space. Ambient lighting comes from different styles of ceiling designs such as recessed or surface lighting, pendant lights, or chandeliers. 

How to position ambient lights:

  • When installing a single semi-flush-mount or flush-mount fixture, chandelier, or lantern, position it directly above the island, or at the center of the ceiling if you don’t have an island.
  • When installing recessed lights, leave a distance between the lights equaling half the height of the ceiling (e.g., space lights 5 feet apart in a kitchen with a 10-foot ceiling). To avoid casting shadows on countertops, try to position recessed lights above countertops so they are set a few inches back from the front edge of the countertops.


Task lights offer a variety of benefits, including increasing your comfort and efficiency during food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. They highlight a specific region like counters, sinks, and other work surfaces to increase precision while doing the task. Besides making your job easier to see, task lighting is pivotal for your eye health. Inadequate lighting can cause eye strain and lead to eye problems. More than a matter of aesthetics, brighter task lighting is necessary to work safely and comfortably. 

How to position task lights:

Task lighting should cast light down onto a work surface, so position them as follows:

  • Pendant lights are best placed directly above sinks, chopping stations, dining tables, or other activity areas. However, you should avoid placing them directly above appliances with built-in lightings, such as stove ranges or refrigerators. To reduce glare while working, mount the pendant no closer than 2 ½ feet from the surface of its lighting.
  • To cast a spotlight on food and beverages on countertops, place LED light strips or tape on the underside of upper cabinets. Placing them inside drawers, behind a cabinet or pantry doors, or on the underside of the base, cabinets can also make it easier to store and retrieve utensils, food, pots, pans, or cleaning supplies.


They are used to draw attention to the architectural or decorative elements in the kitchen. They add a sense of luxury and sophistication to the object that it is kept near. It has a brightness level between ambient and task lighting.

How to position accent lights:

Accent lighting should highlight the details or decor you want to show off, so position them as follows:

  • To highlight decorative ceiling tiles, place cove lights in the ledges of the ceiling.
  • Place puck lights 1 to 2 inches from the back of a cabinet shelf to elegantly backlight tea sets and other showpieces. You can also place puck lights on the underside of upper cabinets to showcase vases or other countertop decors.


Create an attractive kitchen by incorporating the perfect type of lights to make it look new and luxurious. Planning and installing the right mix of ambient, task, and accent lights will keep your space bright and safe. With the right kitchen ceiling light, your beautiful new place is ready for a festive get-together with family and friends.

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