Space-Saving Tricks You Ought To Know

Multifunctional furniture, minimalist design, and illusionary techniques can make your compact home look bigger

Don’t let a small home hold you back! By making a few tweaks and updating some elements, you can completely transform its appearance and create a visually delightful and opulent space.“One key solution is prioritising multifunctional furniture, such as sofa beds, folding tables, and storage-integrated pieces, to maximise utility while minimising the physical footprint,” says Ayushi Ashar, director of a real estate group. Rahul Phondge, chief operating officer, Anarock Group, elaborates, “A console that comes with drawers has a two-in-one advantage—it not only enhances the overall look but also provides handy storage space. Similarly, a stackable set of tables is a good way to maximise space and enhance the aesthetics of your living room. These tables nest inside each other, allowing you to save valuable space while maintaining a stylish look. Plus, when you have multiple guests over, you can easily pull out the smaller tables for extra surface area.” Uttamaditya, founder and CEO of U&I Interiors adds,  “Each piece should serve multiple purposes. An example embodying this philosophy is a coffee table that expands into a dining table or even a sleek workspace. The ‘nest sofa’ is another game-changer, seamlessly transforming from seating to a comfortable bed.”

Regularly decluttering and keeping only essential items helps maintain a sense of spaciousness.

“Additionally, flexible partitions redefine the spatial experience. Sliding panels or curtains provide privacy while allowing residents to adapt the space to their needs,” shares Uttamaditya.

Allowing natural light through sheer curtains and strategically placed mirrors enhances the perception of space. “It is essential to incorporate ample natural light to prevent the fear of feeling cramped. Skylights, large windows, and glass dividers are great additions as they not only contribute to the illusion of space but also create a vibrant and positive atmosphere in the room,” mentions Uttamaditya. 

Space-saving furniture pieces, play a vital role in making small spaces functional and aesthetically pleasing. Besides, vertical storage, including shelves, hooks, and wall-mounted racks, proves invaluable in saving floor space. Uttamaditya adds, “Utilising seamless, concealed storage compartments that hide clutter, makes every inch count. From hidden cabinets integrated into staircases to false-bottom drawers under furniture, these solutions merge functionality and elegance. Also, vertical space designs such as suspended shelves, hanging gardens, and even beds that fold into the wall during the day, free up valuable floor area.” 

Choose colours wisely
Embrace a cohesive colour scheme and avoid overwhelming patterns to create a harmonious atmosphere. Personalise your space with meaningful artwork and decorative accents but maintain a ‘less-is-more’ approach to prevent visual clutter. “Using neutral colours on walls helps a small space appear bigger. On the contrary, dark colours tend to make a space look smaller,” Phondge adds. Uttamaditya suggests, “To enhance the illusion of space, bold colour schemes and mirrors are recommended. Vibrant accent walls, coupled with strategic mirror placement, create an optical illusion, and amplify the perceived size of the room.”

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