5 Creative Ways To Maximize Storage Space

A problem that many households face is The Storage Problem! We all know that we have minimal storage space at home and I am sure there were times when you didn’t buy something only because of the thought of where will I keep this! 

Over the last 15 years, we have tried and tested ways to overcome this problem, and here are a couple of ways that you can use:

1. Buy Furniture with Built-In Storage

One way to maximize space at home is to have furniture doubling up as storage. Have a double bed with pull-out drawers underneath, and store heavy woolens, extra duvets, and pillows in those drawers. Don’t leave the space above the bed empty; use it to hang a headboard or insert single drawers that slide out. In your living room, try out ottomans that have space inside for toys, notepads, pens, or even books! If you have a bay window in your home or want to make it feel cozy, add a small ledge with drawers or shelves underneath it for storage.

2. Add Niches

Many times, it’s the bump-like cabinets and shelves that take up space. We can utilize the walls to the fullest extent by putting in niches that can be used to keep your little antiques or collectibles unobtrusively. It can also be used to shine a spotlight on your collector’s editions of books or action figures or display your fancy glass collection. They are one of the most convenient ways to store items pushed into the walls taking up no extra space.

3. Purchase Crates

If you’re looking for a way to make your room look more stylish and spacious, think about filling up the empty walls with exciting shelving units. You can get some wooden crates from the local hardware store, add them to your bathroom, and have a trendy place to keep your towels or soaps. Add them to your living room, and you have space to hold a book collection or some plants. It is a very minimalistic way to add length and aesthetics to your area. You can also add some plastic crates, paint them in striking colors or add some pretty ribbons and give them a bit of character. They’re perfect for storing accessories like belts, scarves, and even artificial jewelry. And they’re easy to move around, so they’re handy in any house room.

4. Drawers instead of cupboards in the kitchen

Have you ever faced a situation wherein you took everything out of the cupboard to find something? And even after that, sometimes we fail to see it at that place! And then we have a hard time remembering where it was. On the other hand, you can stack things as high as possible in a drawer, and you will still be able to reach the back of the drawer, making it easier to find something. Not only that, but they also give you more storage space when compared to a standard cupboard.

5. Overhead spaces

If you have a tall ceiling in your home, use it! A space above doorways is an excellent place to store items like old suitcases and boxes of toys. You can also create a shelf by stacking up old bags or boxes of toys or anything else you wouldn’t need frequently. Smaller spaces can store seasonal items such as duvets or pillows. Shrink wrap your duvets and other seasonal items on racks above your bedroom door.


Storage is one of the most common problems in households. We hope that this blog at least to some extent was able to help you regarding how to increase storage. If not, feel free to get in touch with us by filling out the query form here.

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