5 Simple Secrets To Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Home is where the heart is. And we want our spaces to look lavish and comfortable. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book in a large, soft chair in a library space, or having your friends over for coffee with exquisite décor on the walls. Here are a few ways you can simplify your home and still make it look luxurious.

1. Add a mix of metallic accents to your home

The gleam of gold, brass, silver, and copper can instantly glamorize a space. They are especially striking when paired with jewel-tone colors like emerald green, ruby red, yellow topaz, and sapphire blue—and rich fabrics such as velvet and silk.

2. Pamper your feet with something soft

Laying a rug in any room of your house will give it an unmistakable and striking warm, cozy, and luxurious aesthetic.

3. Enhance your interior with cushion fabrics in a variety of textures

Luxurious living starts with choosing the right décor. Cushions are the perfect feature; they add warmth and the feeling of being cozy to a room and complete any design style with additional opulence. Gather a variety of fabrics—velvet, wool, cotton, and faux fur—to layer on a sofa or bed for a luxurious and regal style statement. Your room is sure to look even more enticing with all its coziness!

4. Spruce up your walls with something bold and beautiful

Art enhances any space, bringing life and personality to a room. For visual impact, create a gallery wall with pieces that tell a story — it’s these little details that enhance the room’s aesthetics and create a casual yet luxurious vibe.

5. Bring a sense of timeless elegance to your space with classic colors

Even if the latest interior design trends lean towards bolder and brighter color palettes, a neutral palette exudes warmth and sophistication that’s often hard to resist. Soft gray, sandy beige, sea glass blue, taupe, fern green, and ivory are just some of the shades that add an elegant and luxurious feel to any interior aesthetic.

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