Are You Picking The Right Windows For Your House?

Windows to a large extent dictate the look of a home, however, they also need to be functional and meet your needs. Thus, here are a few things to consider when you are deciding the windows of your home 

Windows are an integral part of our home, not only do they help us with ventilation and natural light but, are often a part of our moments of solitude. However, little thought is put into the kind of windows we install in our home. There are several ways of customising the windows to make them perfect for our needs. In this article, we will take a look at why it is important to choose the right window for your abode and what you should know while choosing them.

The importance
Windows are not just responsible to let sunlight and air into your home; they are also important in maintaining the room’s temperature and keeping the house fresh. Therefore, it becomes imperative to choose windows as per your preference, lifestyle, and also the climate. Sunil Jasani, principal designer and co-founder, Fine Lines Designers says, “Windows of your house are a part of the exoskeleton, it is the basic shell. It determines how much natural light will enter your home, how well-ventilated your home would be, how hot or cold the house can get, or how noisy, even the view your house would get is decided by the size and positioning of the window. Choosing the right windows gives you the autonomy on all the above factors, and the multiple finish options help align the shell to match the vibe of the home.”

Aluminium windows
Broadly, there are two types of materials for windows, aluminium and uPVC. Both these materials have their own distinct qualities and finishes. “Aluminium can be powder coated and anodized to almost any colour/texture one wants. The main advantage of aluminium over uPVC are the new designs available of slimline and minimal frames. This really impacts the view from your home, the slimmer the verticals, the lighter the feel, along with increased visibility,” shares Jasani.

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