Transforming New Year Resolutions with the Power of Realistic Goal Setting

  • World’s renowned research institute also confirms that very minimal people can achieve their New Year resolution.

Mumbai, 30th December, 2023: We are at the cusp of the New Year 2024 and once again it is that time of the year when people across the world, will make New Year resolutions for the coming year. It is generally seen that most of these New Year resolutions are made to be broken, as they are unrealistic to keep.

As we stand on the eve of 2024, we are invited to break away from the traditional way of setting New Year resolutions, and embark upon a more rational way to setting standards, that are more doable and achievable.

Uttamaditya a Life and Space Designer shares valuable insights on how we can make and keep our New Year resolutions without breaking them, unlike in the past years. He calls on people to explore a world that goes beyond the typical resolutions of keeping fit, not indulging in certain habits or even planning financial achievements.

World’s renowned research institute also confirms that very minimal people can achieve their New Year resolution. He advocates a change from the past, as he likens it to baking a cake with the wrong recipe, which is bound to flop.

To highlight his point, Uttamaditya asks us to imagine if Einstein had not tidied his desk, we would all still be scratching our heads over the theory of relativity. He further goes on to add while emphasizing that it’s not about having a cleaner desk but embracing the chaos of creativity.

He further quotes research from Harvard that go on to prove that to experience a more fulfilling life it is important to be mindful and ensure your emotional wellbeing; which in essential to lead a life of contentment. For example, it’s not about running faster; but it’s about knowing where to walk slowly.

Taking a cue from nature he encourages us to be more grounded in our ambitions; like a tree that quietly grows, being part of a larger ecosystem. He recommends us that we should detach ourselves from a web of unrealistic ambitions and strive to achieve our dreams in a more realistic way.

This framework for 2024 is based on practical wisdom, similar to life lessons learnt from our parents and grand – parents that goes beyond the Zen philosophy, which emphasizes self restraint and perceiving the true nature of oneself.

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